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Corporate Governance

The leadership team at Brightwell understands and values the importance of high standards of governance and integrity. 

As a small private company, Brightwell is not required to adhere to any corporate governance codes. It is, however, an FCA regulated firm and operates within an enhanced regulatory environment. As such, we continually strive to meet our stakeholders’ expectations through our governance framework and forums.

The Committees

The Board

The Board is responsible for the overall strategy, oversight of financial and operational performance, key risks and regulatory compliance. The Board manages certain operations independently but delegates others to its committees. There are two formal Committees of the Board: RACC and RemCo, and two governance bodies with lines into the Board, as outlined below. A summary of each forum’s areas of focus is outlined on the following page.

Executive Committee (ExCo)

The day-to-day oversight of the Company is delegated to the CEO, who discharges this responsibility via the ExCo. On behalf of the CEO, ExCo provides oversight and challenge on the performance and delivery of the firm’s  performance, strategy, controls and operations.

Each member of ExCo has individual responsibility for the leadership of its business functions within Brightwell.

The ExCo is made up of the Board’s executive directors plus the Chief of Staff (Gira Davda), the Chief Technology Officer (Kevin Samborn), and the Chief Investment Administration Officer (Peter James).

Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee (RACC)

Chaired by the COO, in his capacity as Head of Risk, the key purpose is to provide oversight and advice to the Board in relation to the current and potential future risk profiles and exposures of the firm, and on the effectiveness of the firm’s internal controls framework (risk, compliance, internal and external audit). 

Remuneration Committee (RemCo)

The RemCo is in place to ensure that the Board is supported in the aim of ensuring that the firm’s remuneration arrangements are aligned to the successful delivery of its long-term strategy and risk appetite. 

Other governance bodies reporting to the Board

Executive Committee (ExCo) – In addition to the table above, ExCo has responsibility for reporting to the Board in relation to the firm’s performance, strategy, controls and operations.

Procentia – Brightwell retains oversight of Procentia via the Brightwell-appointed Procentia board NEDs and with regular reporting from Procentia.

Our Team

We have a highly-experienced and skilled team, who have a track record of working through complex challenges.

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Our Story

Brightwell has a unique history, background, and approach to pension management.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are focused on fostering truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture with a workforce reflective of the society we live in and with the right talent to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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