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Pension solutions built from deeper understanding

Future focused insights

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Stepping up digital services with fully online retirements

“That was the best service ever, from deciding to take my pension to receiving the money, it was so fast and efficient with great communication….

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The price of risk aversion for defined benefit pension schemes

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about whether UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes are too risk averse when it comes…

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Surplus extraction – a hefty prize but what’s the price?

Up until very recently, ‘DB pension schemes’ and ‘surplus’ were not phrases often heard in the same sentence. But recent figures from The Pensions Regulator…

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Unparalleled expertise

“We work hand-in-hand with schemes to develop tailored solutions that align with schemes’ individual objectives.”

Morten Nilsson   |   CEO, Brightwell

and disruption

At Brightwell, we’ve innovated and disrupted inefficient industry practices.

We understand what it means to manage a complex defined benefit (DB) pension scheme as we have a long history of managing the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS), one of the largest private sector pension schemes in the UK.

Our approach focuses on finding solutions to industry challenges, collectively owning problems, and collaborating for the long-term.

We’re proud of everything we’ve delivered for BTPS, and, in recent years, we’ve invested heavily to improve the service we provide to the Scheme and its members including the introduction of new administration and investment and liability platforms. 

We’ve insourced, innovated and disrupted inefficient industry practices and, in doing so, learned how to do things better. We’re excited to now be able to offer our services to a select group of partners who, like us, want to provide high-quality service to members and sustainable funding and investment solutions.


billion assets


Figures show BTPS members and assets managed by Brightwell.

We are

Working with Brightwell, schemes can leverage expertise, innovation and market-leading technology to improve quality, value for money and outcomes for members.

Unique perspective & partnership mentality

DB schemes share a common set of challenges. Through our market-leading work in support of BTPS we understand these challenges better than anyone.

We are not driven by short-term profits or selling products. We focus on building lasting, mutually beneficial and transparent working relationships with our partners. 

Strong expertise & senior team

We have a highly-experienced and skilled team who have a track record of working through complex challenges backed up by innovative technology and a strong support infrastructure.

Our partners have access to Brightwell’s senior team, who are truly aligned to the needs of members, trustees, and sponsors.

A middle ground between outsourcing and retaining an in-house team

Partnering with Brightwell allows schemes to benefit from experience and skilled support whilst retaining control. It’s the best of both worlds – an adviser with the mindset of a pension scheme, and an in-house manager with third-party scale.

News & Events


Bright Insight – Q2 2024

We’ve released our latest quarterly newsletter, Bright Insight. This quarter’s edition features a recap of all our industry awards since we started Brightwell, insights on…

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Morten Nilsson – Navigating the Future: Insights on DB Schemes in the UK

CEO Morten Nilsson shares insights on Brightwell’s journey, challenges in the industry, the allure of DB pensions, emerging alternatives like Collective Defined Contribution (CDC), and…

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Brightwell brings fully online retirements to BTPS members

Brightwell, the primary service provider to the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS), has launched a full self-serve online retirement journey for BTPS members. The new service…

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